Das SuperPaper


DAS SUPERPAPER's (2008-2014)



Das Superpaper was a free monthly magazine published by Rococo Productions in Sydney. Between 2008 and 2014, 33 issues of Das Superpaper were published. Das Superpaper was printed in Sydney and distributed around Australia at major public institutions, private museums, commercial galleries, libraries, universities and cultural boutiques. Distribution was supplemented by a free national mail-subscription program.


From its viewpoint in Australia, the magazine placed itself as an accessible look-book for the emerging and contemporary art world. The content and layout reflected a desire for a clean approach – a no-nonsense presentation of the words, the works and the world of the featured artists and creatives.

Publication frequency every 6 weeks

Website http://www.dasplatforms.com

E-mail contact@rococoproductions.com

Phone: +61 416 858 606

Director/Producer Nick Garnder

Editor Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris

Art Director Will Loeng

Contributing Editor Jasmine O’Loughlin Glover

Regular Contributors Rose Vickers, Tim Maybury

Online Producer Paul Courtney

Proposals editor@rococoproductions.com






Das SuperPaper fills the gap between high-end, high-priced art periodicals and a street-press community that finds its art between gig guides and social photos. With this divide it is hard to remain up-to-date with the emerging art world. Our aim is to bring the best up and coming artists and their works to the wider readers of street-press publications and create a stronger channel of communication between those making and presenting art and those that might not be embedded in the creative scene.

Rococo Productions

As a framework for the creatively restless, Rococo Productions has been producing and presenting exhibitions, films, club nights and public performances across Sydney for the last three to four years.

The evolution of the various motivating forces has been fairly dynamic over this time but the group’s modus operandi has always been to fill ‘the void’ with the creatively original and considered – with an aim to contributing to the cultural dialogue and developing wider community involvement.