Encounter Nadi, Fiji 2019

We invite those living, working and/or studying in Nadi to join our People Make Places journey. We welcome you to consider your sense of place and respond to the theme “My Nadi” in one of our signature matchbox size boxes. View our invitation instructions pages and deliver/create your matchbox work at one of our Pop Up Delivery Points /Creative Workshops over the last few weeks of July.

Our Pop Up Delivery Points are held at places recommended by our local participants. To date they have ranged from parks, cafes, galleries, museums, restaurants and community centres to people’s homes, apartment rooftops, private members clubs, empty shopfronts and at public events and festivals - all of which have been free of charge to access or generously donated. If you know of a great location for a Pop Up that we can utilise for a couple of hours, or even a day or two during our stay, please let us know. Our Pop Ups take up a table or two in each venue. Depending on the place and size, we generally bring 1-4 Time Capsules from around the world with us to share with everyone. We often sit around a long table or a few tables where participants can share their matchboxes with each-other and/or create their boxes. Often locals visiting the venue at the time are curious and they also join in and create their own magical boxes on the spot. The project is very inviting and celebrates inclusivity and diversity and there is always lots of love in the room!

If you would like to recommend a place for us to pop up at between 25 July to 4 August in Nadi and surrounds please contact us.

Fiji Mobile Cell Number: 905 9190
E-mail: matchboxprojects(at)
WhatsApp: + 61 410 331 600 / + 61 419 388 108
Facebook: Naomi Shedlezki Leanne Shedlezki Match Box Projects

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