Contempo Art Alive

4 July 2009

Contempo invited us to create an Art Alive event for their Art Gallery Society of NSW's Members and friends.

We conducted a tour through a diverse range of Surry Hills/Redfern ARIs and presented an introduction to Match Box Galleries, our project which inspired us to create the ARI guide.


Visiting Gaffa on Match Box Projects Sydney ARI Tour, 21 March 2009

Co-Director Will French gave us an insight to Firstdraft, the Sydney's longest running ARI and its array of programs from their exhibition history to their writers and artist in residency programs.

For an insight to firstdraft click here...


Touring to Australia Council Window and "Sydney" on Match Box Projects ARI Tour, 21 March, 2009

Next stop was Black and Blue Gallery where Jack Jeweller introduced to the gallery space and their current exhibition I hate your guts! by Raquel Welch. We were also introduced to the array of publications they sell and variouslaunch events conducted in the space.

For an insight to Black & Blue Gallery click here...


Visit to Black and Blue on Match Box Projects Sydney ARI Tour, 21 March 2009

At gaffa, Director, Kelly introduced us to the space which includes two gallery spaces, a retail corner and artist's studios. Artists/Curators of the current show Queen and Country Megan Yeo & Tanya Ljubic introduced us to their exhibition.

For an insight to gaffa click here...

1/2doz @ CHALK HORSE

Visiting Rizzeria on Match Box Projects Sydney ARI Tour, 21 March 2009

Next stop was Chalk Horse where 1/2doz./Chalk Horse Co-Director Oliver Watts introduced us to Yinja Barni project, the current 1/2doz. project/exhibition being held at Chalk Horse.

For an insight to 1/2doz click here...


Boutwel Draper and Grant Pirrie's Window on Match Box Projects Sydney ARI Tour, 21 March 2009

We then gave an insight to our Match Box Galleries, the project which inspired us to create our ARI Map and guide and of which 1/2doz. has been taking part in since 2006. Two of our collaborating artists Adam Hill and Lucy Barker joined us to introduce the series of works they have created for Solo Match Box Galleries. Links to their work can be found on our artist pages below:

Lucy Barker

Adam Hill

More about our practice and projects can be found at the following link:

Match Box Projects (Leanne and Naomi Shedlezki)


About Contempo

Contempo is the membership category of the Art Gallery of New South Wales designed specifically for art enthusiasts who enjoy exploring and being part of Sydney’s contemporary art scene.  Offering access to all the exciting and useful benefits of Gallery membership as well as a dynamic and diverse program of events tailored to aspects of the contemporary art world, Contempo covers it all.