TOKYO MATCH BOX MEETING POINTS 東京ミーティングポイント=『ポップアップデリバリーポイント

TOKYO MATCH BOX MEETING POINTS 東京ミーティングポイント=『ポップアップデリバリーポイント

People Make Places Tokyo - Night Festival by Ayumi

We will be having a number of pop up/meeting points over the next two weeks where one can pick up and deliver their matchboxes.

Look back here for details


join Facebook page and event Match Box Projects.

If you are on LINE join our group to find out where we will be. Line ID phone number is +61 410 331 600 (Australia).

#1 first Pop Up:

Monday 4 December/12月4日

Lawn Coffee /コーヒー・ロン

1-2 Yotsuya Shinjuku, Tokyo
〒160-0004 東京都新宿区四谷1丁目2

MAP here.

We will most likely be upstairs

People Make Places Tokyo: “Night Festival” by Ayumi
This matchbox represents the happiness of the town Ayumi lives in in Tokyo (the chinese character on the lattern is for happy town). Ayumi loves going to the night festivals of Tokyo, where many people attend in traditional Japanese clothing.

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