Please join us at our March exhibitions and events. Please view our News Page for more info. We hope you can join us.

3 year celebration of PEOPLE TO PEOPLE, PLACE TO PLACE

presented at

At The Vanishing Point, 565 King St, Newtown

Saturday 28 March    10am - 7pm

Sunday  29 March     10am - 5pm

Image: Match Box Projects, The Journey So Far (in part) 2006-9
Features Match Box Galleries presenting works from top left hand corner L-R:
Row 1 G1 Yutaka Katoh, Leanne Shedlezki, Zoe MacDonell G2 Chizuko Saito, Koujirou Inoue, Martin Sharp,
G3 Simon Cooper, Leanne Shedlezki, Jennie Tate
Row 2 G4 Rodney Love, G5. Lucy Barker
Row 3 G6 Yodogawa Technique, Adam Hill, Nobumasa Takahashi G7 Taichi Oda, Linda Dennis, Keiko Inoue G8 Match Box
Copyiright. The Artists 2006-9

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