Australia Japan Society of New South Wales - Breaking New Ground Event

We were invited to be Guests of Honour at the Australia Japan Society of New South Wale’s Breaking New Ground event held at TressCox Lawyers Sydney on 22 May, 2008. We presented an insight to the Australia Japan Match Box Projects and exhibited Match Box Galleries presenting works by Karolina Novak, Jirat Patradoon, Michael Kempson, Linda Dennis, Keiko Inoue, Hirotoshi Sakaguchi, Imants Tillers, Ruark Lewis, Yuna Ogino, Toshiko Oiyama, Janet Laurence, Chizuko Saito, Koujirou Inoue and Martin Sharp

Works featured above Left to Right are by Karolina Novak, Jirat Patradoon and Michael Kempson

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