Facetnate! Exhibition at Japan Foundation Gallery

 Facetnate! People to People, Place to Place: Australia-Japan

As the invited recipient of the Japan Foundation’s Support Program for Emerging Artists, we opened Facetnate! - a series of 6 exhibitions by Australian emerging artists influenced by Japan in their art practice. We presented 12 Match Box Galleries exhibiting works by the 72 artists taking part in the Australia Japan Match Box Project.  The above 11 Galleries evolved following conducting an action research trip through Tokyo, NSW and Nagoya travelling with the below Match Box Gallery.

Side A of the Match Box Gallery which has continuously been touring through Australia and Japan introducing our project to fellow artists and collaborators, including all those exhibiting at the the Japan Foundation

Match Box Galleries introducing the major zones of exchange of the project (sister regions Sydney-Nagoya and Tokyo-NSW) and various visitors to our galleries.

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