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The Rocks Village Bizarre - Friday nights to 19 Dec 2014

Thursday, December 4th, 2014


The Rocks is the place to be over the coming Friday nights. Join us as this historical precinct comes alive with mystery, magic, music and markets.

At our Rocks Pop Up at 73 George St we will be presenting many of the matchbox portraits we have collected across the globe. All are welcome to come and listen to some of the individual tales behind each box created by over 2000 people that have joined our journey to date.

If you haven’t delivered your own box yet, please do.

Your friends and family are welcome to join the journey too.

Now to 19 December 2014
Friday Nights: 6.30 - 10pm
Rocks Pop Up @ 73 George St, Sydney (nearest corner is Argyle St/Jack Mundey Place)

Invitation/Instructions for our People Make Places journey can be found at

Copy link to Event map below. We are the Blue No 5 on the map.

To gain a full insight to the Village Bizarre program of events copy the link below: