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COFAspace Exhibition June 2006

Sunday, July 30th, 2006

15 Exhibit

From 18 - 29 July, we presented our first Match Box exhibition at COFAspace Gallery, UNSW in June, exhibiting the works of 30 Australian and Japanese artists we have exchanged with on our journey to date. We presented the evolving Match Box Friendship Wall, our various Match Box Galleries including Solo Match Box Galleries by Match Box, Leanne and our inaugural artists, Simon Cooper, Zoe MacDonell and Jennie Tate alongside solo galleries by 5 artists curated into project by Guest Curators back in 5 - Mark Brown, Hamilton Darroch, Helena Leslie, Luis Martinez and (late)[ant mrav]


Naomi, Leanne, Zoe and Jennie after presenting artist talks.

We conducted a few events and art talks throughout the exhibition - we thank Zoe, Sophia (from back in 5), Jennie, Luis and Mark for joining us to introduce their galleries.