Invite to participate in

People Make Places: Shanghai (2010)


We would like to invite you to help us create a portrait of Shanghai. How?

By creating something inside the matchbox we gave you.

Please read the following instructions.

Matchbox works created in line with the below will travel with us locally and abroad to introduce Shanghai through the eyes of her residents.


  • Create something responding to the theme “Shanghai”

    It can be anything that represents your own (experience of) Shanghai, from an image to an object, a piece of writing, a drawing, sculpture, poem, collage, something made or something long as it fits inside the Match Box Projects box we gave you* and conforms to the following:


  • Format of your work must be landscape/horizontal (not portrait) - boxes will be displayed on its side - upright like a frame


  • Materials used must be safe to travel internationally eg no liquid, sharp objects, food, flora, fauna etc


  • Nothing can be loose inside the box - eg if an object, it must be firmly stuck inside the box.


  • Only the inside of the box will be viewed (outside walls/back of the box will not - please do not colour or create anything on the outside of the box)


  • Please do not include small fragments that tend to become unglued eg glitter.


  • Work will be exhibited behind a frame, do not include anything that needs to be unfolded, sticking out of box etc



  • Your work will be viewed in public spaces and must be appropriate for all ages to view


  • On the back of the box write your:


  • Full Name
    in Chinese.  If you have an English name include it too


  • Mobile phone number (if no mobile, home phone no)


  • E-mail address

E-mail 地址

  • Short Message about what you have created


  • Where and when you recieved your matchbox (if not on there already)


  • Please deliver your Match Box to us between 21-23 September to


ShiftStation@The Cool Docks, No.505 South Zhongshan Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Tues 21  –Wed 22 Sept   10am-6pm    Thursday  23 Sept 10am - 11pm   
(if you can not make these times, please e-mail or phone us.)


上海市中山南路 505号(老码头)创意/ShiftStation
9月23日         上午10点到晚上11点




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Once delivered, your work becomes a permanent contribution to our portrait series as part of People Make Places. We will travel with it to other cities to introduce Shanghai through the eyes of her residents.

版权事项     一旦递交,你的作品将永久成为我们的肖像系列项(属于People Make Places 艺术项目)。 我们将带着它周游世界通过上海居民的眼睛介绍上海。

Please note by including your work in our project, you assign copyright of same onto us (Leanne & Naomi Shedlezki aka Match Box Projects), which automatically permits us to exhibit, photograph, video, publish and present your work in public/private exhibitions, in press, in print, in video/multimedia works/catalogues, on our website/blog etc.

请注意,你的作品一经参与我们的项目, 你赋予我们(Leanne 和 Naomi Shedlezki火柴盒项目)同样的版权权利,允许我们在公共/私人展览,媒体,平面材料,视频,多媒体作品/目录,我们的网站/博客上展出,拍照,摄像和出版

bARTer/ Exchange Gift

Please keep the cover of the box in a safe place. On completion of our Portrait Series we will contact you to present you with a souvenir to place inside your original cover - as an exchange/bARTer for your work.

bARTer/交换礼物  请将火柴盒封面保存在安全的地方,我们的肖像系列项目完成后,我们会联系你,赠送你纪念品,作为交换

  • If you have any questions please e-mail



or phone  13585621141 (English)

手机  13585621141 (英文)

NB For those that have friends/family that would like to take part, please let them know this project is only open to the people we personally meet. They are welcome to meet us Shift Station/Cool Docks on 21 September and pick up a Match Box Projects matchbox from us.


We look forward to seeing you soon,

Leanne and Naomi Shedlezki
Match Box Projects